2 hour Monument Avenue Segway PT Tour

2 hour Monument Avenue Segway PT Tour
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  • Location: Richmond, Virginia
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Monument Avenue is the only street in the United States that is a registered national historic landmark. One of the wealthiest areas of the city in the early part of the 1900s, see and hear about the unique architecture of some of the most amazing homes you will ever see. The tour starts off with a look at Confederate Generals including J.E.B. Stuart, Robert E Lee, and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. It also looks at the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, as well as the scientific achievements of Robert Maury. You will also pass by the home of the Branch family, who are largely responsible for the development of Monument Avenue. And very importantly, see the statue of Arthur Ashe and hear his story of rise to tennis stardom but also very importantly hear about his legacy of philanthropy and incredible generosity.