2 Hour Black History Segway PT Tour

2 Hour Black History Segway PT Tour
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  • Location: Richmond, Virginia
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From the Slave Trail to leading the Civil Rights movement in the 60s, and ultimately to the Governor’s Mansion, trace the steps of the incredibly courageous and talented African Americans in Richmond. Hear and see the amazing stories of Box Brown and how he ingeniously won his freedom from slavery, Maggie Walker- the first female and African American Bank President in the country, Bojangles who won Hollywood fame and enduring stardom dancing with Shirley Temple, Oliver Hill- lead attorney on the Civil Rights landmark case Brown vs Board of Education, Doug Wilder, the first African American elected Governor in America. Also see the Hippodrome where all the leading jazz artists from the 40s and 50s played- Louis Armstrong, Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie and many others.